Back Once Again After a Prolonged Absence

Hey peeps!


Really sorry about the long inactivity. Been preoccupied with preparations for my upcoming prelim examinations before the actual A Levels. To be honest, I think I’m not even half ready yet. There’s just so much for me to absorb. Just gonna do my best for this prelims though. A C/D/D for my H2s and C/D for my H1s would be great for me. Then maybe after that in the September holidays, I’ll try working on some of the prelim papers of YJC DHS MI IJC to prep for the A’s. Just gonna attempt the RJC and JJC papers for this prelim for math though. 


Come to think of it, I can’t help but feel how stressful the Singapore education system is. Understandably, it has its merits. Singapore graduates are highly sough after globally. We ace international science and math tests. Yet, for a course like the A Level programme, I think learning is firstly too rigid. Just on tuesday while I was attending my Economics tuition lesson, we were asked to read an article on the eurozone. The objective was to link and consolidate the concepts we have learnt in our syllabus on how to help the eurozone out of its crisis. 


Something astounded me. Not one single classmate in the class had a groundswell of knowledge regarding the eurozone crisis. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an elitist. In fact, I did help my classmates who had problems grasping some of the concepts like debt servicing ratios, austerity, the ECB and other concepts. Yet, it just goes to show how rigid and spineless our education system is. It does admittedly produce niche, world class graduates who go on to shine and bring glory for our nation. Yet, just what are Singaporean students studying? Are they studying for the SAKE of studying? Do they take a greater, vested interest in current affairs? 


Cynical students will then retort me here and tell me to ‘get a life and stop acting smart’. I pose them this question. Do you know why it is imperative for us to know what goes on around us? In this day and age, when globalisation as a term and concept, has already become ‘cliche’, our country is now inextricably connected to the global community. What affects the global community has implications on us as well. 


Which brings me to another point. Mr Lee Kuan Yew recently published what is slated to be his last book, ‘One Man’s View of the World’. An insightful read, indeed. Refreshing and   straight to the point. Mr Lee highlights that he knows, the political landscape here in Singapore is changing. Youths want more political competition. Why not? We youth are an idealistic bunch, and we want to change the world. But as Singaporeans, and considering our unique context, Mr Lee feels we have become too complacent and youths are taking Singapore’s progress for granted. Sounds harsh doesn’t it. My view? Not harsh at all. In fact, it may be a controversial comment, but i totally agree with him. I won’t spill the beans on his book, but read what he writes and expresses under the ‘Singapore’ chapter. 


All I have to say is, we Singaporean youth should take greater responsibility and play proactive roles in making our learning engaging. As the government now urges us to ”do what you feel you have a passion for”, it is time to inject passion into our education. Let’s take a vested interest in our own education. I read widely about politics and economics because I know, its not just to improve my GP grades. Its also for me to understand as a local, about how lucky we are as a nation to be insulated from the less than pleasing global events. 






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