How do you oppose the PAP?


By Chin | 7 March 2015

Now that the PAP has rolled out the Pioneer Generation Package and has outlined the 2015 Budget, the government has stolen quite a lot of momentum from the opposition. Any push to create a “fair and inclusive society” will invariably be welfarian and populist, despite how much the PAP hates using those words. And this creates problems for the Workers’ Party, principally because it campaigned for more leftward-leaning policy and tightened immigration restrictions in 2011. Now that the government has co-opted some of these suggestions, what is there left to oppose?

This tactic is of course not new. One of the PAP’s greatest achievements was to divorce its identity from any sort of discernible ideology. We can point to the Greens in the UK and say that they stand for the environment, and for sustainable lifestyles. We definitely can say that the Republicans in…

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